Welcome to the II International Workshop on


24 November 2007, Barcelona

Over recent years, and more evidently since the EU Lisbon summit in 2000, social exclusion has become an increasingly important issue on the agenda of many European institutions, being also very present in many policy debates in Europe and elsewhere. This has triggered a renewed interest in the topic from both institutional and academic spheres. Recent developments in the analysis of poverty and social exclusion seek to complement the traditional static (monetary) poverty analyses by looking at the dynamic aspects of poverty and social exclusion, and by studying the many dimensions of the two phenomena. The study of dynamics provides information about persistency or transitions into and out of a relevant state, which should guide policy design. The study of the many dimensions of poverty and social exclusion has proved useful to overcome some of the shortcomings of the mighty income variable to capture standards of living or well-being in an accurate manner. Of course, both dynamics and multidimensionality raise new and challenging conceptual and technical issues, which should be faced and settled if we are to improve our understanding on the determinants and consequences of poverty and social exclusion.

This workshop intends to bring together well-established researchers, Ph.D students working on the topic, and other interested individuals from different countries. The workshop is organized within the framework of the project on Poverty and Social Exclusion in Spain and the EU, which comprises research groups from various Spanish Universities —Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Universidad Rey Juan Carlos and Universidade de Vigo.

The workshop will take place on Saturday, November the 24th 2007, and will include two sessions of contributed papers and two invited lectures. Contributed papers should focus on the topic of the workshop, and the organization of the workshop will cover accommodation expenses of participants.

Inscription to the workshop is completely free in order to encourage the attendance of interested researchers. A number of grants covering accommodation expenses for non-presenting participants will also be available

Download here the call for papers