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Full number of Revista HMiC, 2012, Issue. X

Full number of Revista HMiC, 2012, Issue. X, 215 numbered pages on PDF format.

Revista HMiC | 2012Full number 2012

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Welcome to the HMiC Review

HMiC has the will of being an electronic publishing of first order in the scientific scope and the diffusion of the historical and historiographic research of modern and contemporany history.

From the Department of Modern and Contemporany History of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB), we invited to participate to you in active form with us, sharing and spreading those ideas, articles and researches that we will propose from HMiC and that you would send to us. The review is elaborated and offered who has interest in elaborating new research, spreading it, to read it and to discuss it.

In order to allow a correct diffusion of your writings, we recommended to you to follow the collaboration norms that have to maintain your documents to be published in HMiC. You can consult them below, or download the PDF norms.

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Review's structure

  • Regularity: each number of HMiC appears at the beginning of the natural year and it stays open during this year.
  • Each number is divided in five parts: Dossier, Miscelania, Research (Recerca), Debates and Book Reviews (Ressenyes).
  • The Dossier is dedicated annually to a monographic subject decided by the Writing Council, who also orders two initial articles to specialists of recognized prestige. All historian with an article related to the monographic subject can send it to HMiC.
  • In Miscelania (Miscelania) the articles are not related to the monographic subject of the year.
  • In Research (Recerca) they appear the summaries or articles related to scientific works generated by the students of second and third cycle's Department.
  • The section Debates (Debates) is formed by the works generated in the scientific meetings of the different research groups assigned to the Department .
  • In Book Reviews (Ressenyes) the recent publication critics are included.
  • In Publications (Publicacions) the publishing new features are included and all those books generated by departament members.
  • Arbritage System: new articles are added to the number, previous elaboration of a critical report made by three external readers.
  • The definitive pagination of the review will appear to end of year, with the closing of the number, published in format pdf. This number will gather all articles, reviews, etc. that have been published during this period.

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Citations of articles of HMiC

  • In order to make electronic citations of standardized way, consult Norm ISO 690-2.

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Norms of Collaboration

  1. The articles sent to HMiC demand originality, will have to be unpublished, could not be sent to other reviews. It is recommended that they do not surpass the thirty pages, including graphs, notes and bibliography.
  2. In front page of the article it is precise to point out the following data: title of the article, full name of the author, professional allegiance, telephone and mailing dress and electronic professional and brief Currículum Vitae (around 5 to 10 lines). In the second page there will be a summary of 150 words written in the original language of the article, and English, and between five and ten key words in the mentioned languages.
  3. Bibliography and references: the references to authors in the text will have to go accompanied of an added explicit reference next between parenthesis; in case of textual appointment after the text it will be necessary to add the reference between parenthesis.
  4. At the end of the article a bibliography with the complete references will be included by alphabetical order. Elaboration of the bibliographical references: the references and the notes on footer must follow the following models:


  • STONES, Lawrence, "Literacy and Education in England 1640-1900", Past and Present, 42 (febrer 1969), pp. 69-139.


  • HELMAN, Edith Trasmundo de Goya, Madrid, Alianza Forma, 1983, p. 10.

Book chapter:

  • LAUFER, Roger, "L'espace visuel du livre ancien", in CHARTIER, Roger i MARTIN, Henri-Jean, Histoire de l'édition française, tom I, Le livre conquérant. Du Moyen Age au milieu de XVIIe siècle, París, 1989, pp. 579-601.
  1. The tables (pictures, statistical relations, etc.) they will be numbered with Arabic numbers.
  2. As far as the illustrations, the figures will have to appear accompanied of the legend and the source. All the figures will have to be accompanied with the statistical data with which the graph has been elaborated. The text must make reference explicit to the reproduced figures. As far as the maps, they must have a good resolution. They will have to accompany by the legend and the source. The text must make reference explicit to the reproduced map.
  3. The Writing Council reserves the right to give back the articles that do not fulfill these norms to their author so that it introduces the opportune amendments.

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HMiC staff

Departament d'Història Moderna i Contemporànea and Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona.

The Director:
Joan Serrallonga Urquidi (UAB)

Writing advice:

  • Agustí Alcoberro (Universitat de Barcelona)
  • Alejandro Andreassi (UAB)
  • Ramon Alquézar (UAB)
  • Esteban Canales (UAB)
  • Angel Duarte (Universitat de Girona)
  • Monsterrat Duch (Universitat de Rovira i Virgili)
  • Francesc Espinet Burunat (UAB)
  • Elena Fernández García (UAB)
  • Anna Maria Garcia (Universitat de Girona)
  • Miquel Izard (Universitat de Barcelona)
  • Montserrat Jiménez Sureda (UAB)
  • Josep Lladonosa (Universitat de Lleida)
  • Francisco Morente (UAB)
  • Bernat Muniesa (Universitat de Barcelona)
  • Maria Antònia Martí Escayol (UAB)
  • Joan Maria Thomàs (Universitat Rovira i Virgili)
  • Ll. Ferran Toledano (UAB).

Editor in head and Design of layout:
Elena Fernández García (UAB).

Designer Web and logo:
Xesco ortega.

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Publishing contact


Electronic mail:


Telephone: (0034) 93 581 48 29

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